Courtney Klein

I have very very fond memories of working with you all when I was in college; I loved being part of the team to organize some of the nonprofit inner workings during my time with Books for a Better World and remember the book sorting and packing parties as well as my travels to Guatemala and Honduras. Being in the countryside, navigating my way through bushes and overgrown foliage to find these immensely passionate teachers and students excited to receive books is something I will never forget. The attention to cultural relevance is something I have carried with me throughout my career - ensuring that the solution truly meets the needs of the community. I have leveraged those experiences to continue creating positive change in the world and very much attribute my success professionally as a social entrepreneur to what I learned working with you all...forever thankful for the leadership team putting so much trust in me at such a young age - I was 21 at the time - now I am 36. Bio attached in case anyone wants an update on where I went from there - please give everyone my best!! ;)

-Courtney Klein, 2004 board member and travel volunteer