Your support is what helps keep Books for a Better World alive. As an all volunteer organization with very few admistrative costs, you can be sure that your donation will be used in the most effective way. Here are the many ways your donation can support our mission of children's literacy:

Or send a check to:

Books for a Better World

P.O. Box 23811

Tempe, AZ 85285

Learn more about these funds in memory of some very special people:

Chuck Gartell Memorial Fund

Chuck was a longtime educator and supporter of Books for a Better World. His wife, Alice, is our book coordinator and past president. His daughter, Kira, is our board president. Please consider donating in Chuck's name, and ending your donation in $0.47 to honor the forty-seven beautiful years that Chuck and Alice had together.

Ken Whalen Memorial Fund

Thank you so much to the family and friends of Ken Whelan, who established a memorial book fund in his name in 2013. Ken died tragically and far too young in November of 2011. Ken had a passion for education and was pursuing a PhD. 

Ken loved reading to his 2 young children, which is why it is fitting that so many children are benefiting from new books thanks to the generosity of Ken’s family and friends. Ken’s friends and family hope to continue this tradition of purchasing a book each year in his name. If you would like to donate in Ken's name, please click the donate button below. Please make your donation end in $0.02 in honor of his two young children he loved so very much.