Chelsie Wilkes

During the summer of 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with Books for a Better World (BBW) and deliver books to schools in and around Comayagua, Honduras. I loved seeing how excited the students were to receive and read from their new books.  One boy’s reaction in particular caught my attention as we were delivering books to what is called the “plastic school.”  This school is located in the mountains near Comayagua in a small, poor farming community.  The school is literally held up by wooden beam supports, covered in a black, plastic tarp.  It has a dirt floor, donated student desks, a donated teacher desk and a donated whiteboard.  Although school was not in session when we arrived, curious students and parents came when we brought our book delivery.  While one of the volunteers was talking about the books, I saw one boy, about 13 years-old, holding his baby brother, looking in from the outside of the school.  He was “too old” to attend this school but was genuinely interested what we were doing.  Watching him, I saw his whole face light up in smiles and interest.  When he was invited in and given one of the new books to read, he handled the new book with care, like it was a prized possession.  This boy’s experience mirrors that of many other students across Central America. They are so excited to receive, read, and learn from the books that BBW provides.

-Chelsie Wilkes, 2018 travel volunteer and board member