Calendar of Events

We work throughout the year to make our summer book delivery a resounding success. All of our event dates and times can be found on our Facebook Events Page. Please check here regularly and "like" us on Facebook so you don't miss out!

Fall:We begin to gather books for the following year's collection. We sort and label thousands of books, with the help of volunteers.


We divide the books into boxes bound for each country. Each country receives about 30-40 boxes, and each one needs to be inventoried, packed with an accurate itemized list of the box's contents, and labeled with the correct address. We usually accomplish all these over the span of several "packing parties", where we hope to have at least 20 volunteers in attendance to help.


Travel volunteers go to Central America and deliver the books, one box and one school at a time. For more info, or to apply, check out the online Travel Volunteer Application.