What We Do

What We Do

BBW buys and delivers new books to schools that are often in remote locations where reliable mail delivery may not be available. We send volunteers with the books to ensure their arrival, as well as to engage with the students and teachers who receive them.

Where We Go

Currently we deliver books to schools in the following countries:

In the most rural areas of these countries, less than 25% of the population completes 6th grade. In some villages, fewer than half of the students continue beyond the third grade. There are many reasons for this. One is that life in rural areas is labor intensive. Children have many chores to do at home and in the field. Most of the parents are laborers who see little value in education, and in most schools the day is dull and uninspiring. Although the government provides workbooks in mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish language, there is no literature. There are no storybooks, no legends and no poetry. The school day, which is only four hours long, is filled with memorizing and reciting facts. There is little to inspire creativity, to encourage thinking or to expand one’s awareness of the world. We seek to change that!

Book Selection

Books for a Better World selects high quality books that appeal to children who have little or no experience with children’s literature. Most of them do not know that reading can be fun until BBW volunteers come to their school and read aloud with them. The children are so excited when they see the new books! Often, we have to carefully maintain order in the classroom because so many children want to be the first one to read the dinosaur book or fairytale. Most importantly, every book must meet the “smile” test and be designed to make a child smile!

Each year’s book collection usually contains the following: