battle of the books - indiana


Important Deadlines

Full Calendar
  • Aug/Sept: Announce Battle of the Books tournament during elementary open houses
  • August 12, 2017:
    • Teams may begin to conduct meetings and practices formally or informally
  • Aug/Sept: “Release” book lists to interested students
  • Oct. 14th, 2017: 
    • Team registration & $20 fee due. 
If mailing registration form and cash or check, send to:

Indiana Battle of the Books
P.O. Box 1382 
Newburgh, IN 47629-1382

Make checks out to Indiana Battle of the Books. 

If paying registration by PayPal, find us by email: 

  • Oct-March: 
    • Hold practice sessions
    • Work with team (coaches and students) to write questions for tournament battles
    • Submit questions
    • Develop strategies for tournament battles. 
    • Read and practice!
    • Conduct mock battles and review rules and scoring
    • Arrange for transportation to B.O.B. tournament
    • *Send home permission slips for B.O.B. tournament if required
  • Dec-Jan:  
    • Send suggestions for 2018-19 book list (due November 1st, 2017)
    • Create 2019 book list
  • Feb. 1st, 2018: 
    • deadline for submitting questions for 2018 battles
    • deadline for submitting t-shirt ideas
  • Monday, March 5th 2018: 
    • Coaches Meeting (Mandatory) 4:00pm Harrison High School
    • Moderators Meeting (Option 1) 6:00pm Harrison High School
    • Submit t-shirt order forms & money and photo release forms
  • Saturday, March 24th, 2018
    • Team Rosters due (by email)
  • Thursday, April 5th 2018 (4:30-7:30pm): 
    • 1st day of the competition
  • Friday, April 6th 2018 (4:30-7:30pm): 
    • 2nd day of the competition, Parade of Readers and Readers Celebration
    • Release 2019 book list to coaches, students, and parents