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Literacy is the dedicated purpose of Books for a Better World. We seek to inspire, to empower, and to motivate children in rural communities of developing nations by establishing libraries.

Books for a Better World was established to help break the cycle of illiteracy that cripples developing nations. Often, due to a lack of books, the school day is dull and uninteresting.  Without motivation to attend school, many children drop out and illiteracy continues.

Most children have never seen a book that is not a schoolbook, and there is little connection between learning the vowels, learning to sound out words and reading a story. Children’s literature stimulates imagination, analytical thinking, and compassion. The ability to read is empowering.

“A life filled with books is one enriched by the beauty of language and the excitement of ideas.”—Kae Robb, BBW Founder

Ken Whelan Memorial Book Fund: For the summer of 2013, friends and family of Ken Whelan are donating BBW sites with copies of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham (Huevos verdes con jamón). Learn more about him and how to donate to this fund here.


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