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Our 20th Anniversary

Books for a Better World was founded in 2000 by Kae Robb and a group of dedicated volunteers. 
As we dealt with the disappointment this year of not being able to bring books to children in rural areas of Central America, who need them more now then ever, we created something very special that we'd like to share with you now, and with those children next year: a new book!
With the help of many, including the talented artist Jan McLaughlin, we wrote a story book in honor of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Books for a Better World.
For every $20 donation, you can get one/give one book.
Help us make this dream a reality!

We'd also like to celebrate the volunteers who have given their heart to this organization through the years. Click on each photo to see more of their story.

Shelby and Kae

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