Ken Whelan Memorial Book Fund 

Thank you so much to the family and friends of Ken Whelan, who established a memorial book fund in his name in 2013. Ken died tragically and far too young in November of 2011. Ken had a passion for education and was pursuing a PhD. 

Thanks to this fund, in 2013 all Books for a Better World libraries were provided with a new copy of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, a favorite book of Ken's sons.  

For the summer of 2014, each library received The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future, a sensationally silly graphic novel from the creators of Captain Underpants. 

In 2015, all sites received Good morning, Gorillas from the bestselling middle-grade series The Magic Tree House.

For the summer of 2016, friends and family of Ken Whelan have donated copies of ¡Gol! Un gran equipo to be delivered to Books for a Better World sites. Under the orders of a peculiar coach, Mr. Gaston Champignon, eight children have formed a crazy soccer team. Their team is called Cebolletas (Chives) and the season is full of whole-hearted emotions (and a lot of sweat)! They learn many lessons along with the most important – to win you need to have FUN!

Ken loved reading to his 2 young children, which is why it is fitting that so many children are benefiting from new books thanks to the generosity of Ken’s family and friends. Ken’s friends and family hope to continue this tradition of purchasing a book each year in his name. If you would like to donate for 2017 in Ken's name, please click the donate button below. Please make your donation end in 2 cents in honor of his two young children he loved so very much. For example, you may donate $25.02, $50.02 or $100.02.